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Welcome home, Demon Lord

You've found yourself transported to an alternate universe. While this place isn't the world you're used to living in, it has so many wondrous possibilities to offer. Will you make something of this opportunity you've been given?
A Massive World, an Epic Storyline

Fate, circumstance, destiny. There are many names for the chain of events that resulted in your transportation to this mysterious world. It's up to learn more about newly acquired kingdom, discover this world's secrets and find out how you ended up here.
Meet 100 Princesses

In your world, you were average at best. Not many girls took notice of you, and fewer cared. But in this world, you are a demon lord, which definitely gets attention. Girls from every corner of the world will be lining up to date you, and as a demon lord, it is expected that you will be generous with your time.
Manage Your Dungeon

Even though you are a powerful demon lord, not everyone will welcome your presence. Flattery and bribery might work, but it's easier to just imprison your opponents. Besides, what self-respecting demon lord doesn't have a large and well-managed dungeon to keep prisoners and treasures in?
Raise Your Family

If you stay in this world long enough, maybe you can start a family. Why simply be a lord when you can produce heirs and establish your very own dynasty? But if you want worthy heirs to pass down your legacy to, you have to be an active parent, capable of instilling the skills and values required to rule over your territory.
Level Up Retainers

No ruler can govern their territory alone, and only the most foolish would try. Having capable retainers is vital to your success as a demon lord. That means recruiting only your most loyal and trustworthy subjects, and developing the skills they need. Take care to ensure your retainers are as capable as possible; your rule depends on it.
Famous Voice Actresses

To make this game as awesome as possible, we've hired famous Japanese voice actresses from a variety of well known games, movies and animes. There's a good chance you might recognize your favorite talents.

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