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In a world consumed by darkness and ruled by the malevolent King of Hatred, you are "The Detractor," an exiled soul on a quest for vengeance and redemption. Immerse yourself in this gripping rogue-like adventure spanning three epic chapters as you defy the odds and challenge the tyrant who cast you aside.

"The Detractor" invites you to navigate confront formidable foes, and unearth hidden mysteries across procedurally generated realms. With each chapter, the King of Hatred's wickedness is unveiled, revealing the depths of his cruelty and the horrors he's unleashed upon the land.

Embrace the role of "The Detractor" and utilize your ever-growing skills. As you progress, amass powerful items and artifacts. Adapt your strategies to tackle the ever-shifting challenges that lie in your path.

Prepare to embark on a quest where courage is your most potent weapon, and your actions will determine the destiny of a realm in turmoil. Will you rise from exile to become the hero this world so desperately needs? Find out in "The Detractor: Rise of the Exiled."

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