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Earth has fallen under the AI's occupation, and now is the moment for humanity to seize back its existence! In this thrilling and intense tower defense game, "Totem vs AI," you will assume the role of the last commander of humanity. You need to assemble your totems and utilize various skills and special abilities to fend off the AI's relentless onslaught. In this life-or-death showdown against the rampaging AI, you are the stronghold for humanity to take back its living space, so lead courageous warriors and fight.
Organize totems, the last hope of humanity, and engage in battles across diverse landscapes, including cities, deserts, volcanoes, and even glaciers. The AI's forces are ubiquitous, but with your wisdom and strategic prowess, you will defeat them all.
Each battlefield is fraught with thrilling challenges. You must devise sound strategies, allocate resources wisely, and upgrade your totems to withstand the ever-increasing AI onslaught. At the same time, you can acquire new Hero Units through various means, each possessing unique abilities and skills to maintain the upper hand in combat.

Game Features:
Thrilling and intense tower defense battles set against the backdrop of rogue AI.
Engage in battles across diverse landscapes, including cities, deserts, volcanoes, and glaciers.
Strategically construct your totems, devise tactics, allocate resources, upgrade your totems, and utilize unique abilities and skills to fend off the AI's attacks.
Are you ready for the ultimate battle? Download "Totem vs AI," let's join the fight, and reclaim our homeland!
No matter the cost, we will fight to the end!

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