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>Multiplicador de daño
>Multiplicador de defensa
>Modo Dios


Warrior Craft: Auto Chess
Welcome to the ultimate strategic battleground! Warrior Craft: Auto Chess combines the thrill of auto-battler combat with deep strategic gameplay. Assemble a powerful team of heroes, equip them with legendary gear, and outsmart your opponents in epic battles!

✨ Features ✨
Strategize and Conquer: Create the ultimate lineup by combining different heroes and their unique abilities. Adapt your strategy in real-time to counter your opponents and dominate the battlefield.
Equip and Enhance: Use diamonds to purchase powerful equipment that boosts your heroes' stats. Unlock chests to obtain new characters, each with their own unique skills and abilities. The right equipment can turn the tide of battle!
Collect and Upgrade: Discover a variety of heroes, each with distinct abilities and roles. Collect rare items and upgrade your heroes to make them even more formidable. Mix and match to find the perfect combination for your playstyle.
Intense Battles: Engage in auto-battler combat where strategic planning is key. Face increasingly challenging opponents and prove your tactical prowess in battles that test both skill and strategy.
Unique Synergies: Experiment with different hero combinations to activate powerful synergies. Whether you prefer aggressive offense or steadfast defense, there's a strategy for everyone.
️ Epic Adventures: Dive into a rich world filled with exciting challenges and rewards. Each battle brings new opportunities to refine your strategy and achieve victory.

Experience the excitement of Warrior Craft: Auto Chess. Are you ready to dominate the battlefield and become a legendary tactician? Download now and start your adventure!

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