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Welcome to Wasteland Punk — a brand new survival RPG in a mad post-apocalyptic world! It's a game with addictive mechanics, an intriguing plot, crazy characters, and exciting card battles.

The Earth has never been as dangerous as in this online game! Become the commander of the mercenary squad in this post-apocalyptic open-world strategy RPG with card battle mechanics!

The old world vanished as a result of a devastating solar flare. Forget about electricity, water or food supplies, let alone public health services. While some modern devices were destroyed, others lost their elaborately wired minds completely. And if you think everything is as wrong as it gets, check this out: the US Army AI has launched hundreds of missiles all over the world! This is it: welcome to the craziest world possible!

Human civilization lies in ruins. The Earth has become a dangerous place full of mutated animals, environmental disasters, and madness. But… humans must survive! Time to step up and lead everyone to a better life. Only you and your team can keep the global insanity of this online strategy game in check!

In this strategy RPG, you can explore the wasteland, find new allies, gather resources, loot, build shelters, and craft new items. Conquer enemies from different survivor factions and do your best to survive!

This open-world adventure offers you to put together your very own 4-men team to roam the wasteland for the sake of exploring your options, crafting valuables and… yes, surviving. Visit various locations of the online survival game to upgrade yourself and your teammates! Visit local pubs to recruit new teammates or up-level the team, just like in the world's best adventure games! Crafting new weapons in the workshop will help you in your challenge — and staying alive in Wasteland Punk is a challenge, we promise! Get in the car and drive through the desert to find and complete new missions.
So, if you're looking for something different from the conventional crafting games, adventure RPGs, card battlers and online survival game flicks, Wasteland Punk is here to plunge you right into a unique crafting game experience of the post-apocalyptic age.

Game features:

Distinct and appealing vibe
We have sourced inspiration from the best classical games and movies with post-apocalyptic settings to create something entirely new and awesome.

Open world with a huge map
Dozens of beautifully designed locations and places to explore. And nothing matters but your team, your car and the entire wasteland full of dangers and adventures!

Challenging and smartly designed turn-based combat!
Become the deadliest wanderer of the new world — come up with the greatest tactics and strategies. Attack the enemies one by one or in handfuls, identify their weakest points and use them to gain the upper hand!

Deep and well-balanced role-playing system!
Different characters, various classes, dozens of parameters, tons of weapons, armor and equipment to rule the wasteland. It's up to you whether to build a fully-fledged military team or play it safe with a couple of medics. Your adventure, your rules!

City building and development!
Nothing is better than a personal hideout in the world full of danger. Build from scratch and develop your very own city, upgrade essential facilities, hire new mercenaries and send them on various missions.

Intriguing non-linear narrative with jokes and drama!
This new world is an uncanny place with lots of stories. It is filled with joy and love, horror and drama, fun and many other emotions. But it's only up to you how the story will unfold; now, which would you rather — become the new messiah or doom the entire universe?

Wasteland Punk is more than one of those generic survival games and more than a traditional RPG! Download for FREE and start playing now!

If you have any questions, please contact us!
E-mail: [email protected]
FB: facebook.com/Wasteland-Punk-262981654612311
Discord: discord.com/invite/xyFKvf5

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