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Looking for metal finder app which can detect AC live wires, studs, pipes, copper, electrical circuits, metal objects underground, floor and inside the walls, then try this free wire and pipe finder app which will help you to detect all these hidden objects easily and accurately.

If you want to drill into wall and you have no idea that what is beneath the surface, then don't take the risk of burst electrical wires and pipes. Use this wire and pipe finder app and do your work safely with no damage.

Wire and pipe scanner app will help you to detect hidden metal when you want to do some construction and decoration work like hanging shelves, TV, photo frames and other objects just install this app and locate AC live wires and more hidden devices up to 60 mm deep.

Now it's easy to complete your drilling work safely with the help of this free wire and pipe detector app. The good features of this app is, you can this it for multiple purpose like it can help you to detect many metal objects.

If you want to detect studs, bolts, metal objects, hidden devices, AC live wires and even magnetic field radiation then this is the perfect multi detection app for you, which will make your construction work so easy, smooth and rewarding.

Wire and pipe app work using phone magnetic sensor, when you want to detect some AC live wires, metal pipe and hidden devices the wire finder app will show you dB value on screen, when the dB value increase from 40uT to onward its mean the app detect hidden metal objects inside the walls, underground, floor or in ceiling.

Wire and pipe locator app has many features to detect hidden electric wires deeply, the app contain on different detection mode, like scan by meter, by sensor and by graph. You can also detect hidden studs with the help of this free app.

Wire finder app works using your phone magnetic sensor.
This app can also detect magnetic fields and metal devices.
Find and trace exact location of metal, wires and hidden devices in walls.
Easy to use with multiple detection modes.
Detect and trace gas and metal pipes.
The app will alert you when find any hidden devices.
For better result first figure out the exact location of magnetic sensor in your phone.
You can easily and safely trace and find AC wires, network cables and metal objects in walls or underground.

Make sure that your phone has magnetic sensor, to check where is magnetic sensor located in your phone try this app with some open metal object, when you find out the correct location of magnetic sensor it will be easy to detect AC live wires, electrical circuits, network cables, gas and water pipes, electromagnetic fields and hidden studs.

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